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Y'all, leadership matters!

I often hear from clients about the hardships of the industry and surviving on razor-thin margins. No significant increases in Medicaid or waivers have made it hard to compete with inflation and the need for increased pay for direct care and clinical staff. It’s challenging to say the least. Staff turnover makes the need all the greater to have competitive rates and ensure that billable hours are met so that company overhead can be sustained. I know many organizations cut costs where they can and access all funding options to provide quality services. The question is…. How can you really lead an organization or team without being able to pay staff what they deserve? Culture and leadership MATTER. It can be the difference between someone persevering through frustration vs leaving the moment things get hard. Leadership is the true opportunity to shine in this industry.

It’s a hard line being a leader because you have to drive billable hours in order to make it. However, it’s important to show the “why” behind everything your organization is trying to accomplish and create opportunities to shine the spotlight on your valued employees.


Let’s face it, you can’t control if someone’s rent has raised or if their car breaks down and staff leaves because they can immediately make $10 an hour more somewhere else. Life happens but you can guide how you personally are seen by others. It starts by listening to the needs of your team and listening to the feedback they have about what is happening within your organization. Creating a true open-door policy is essential but it only works if your team sees you as a leader. How do you know if you are seen as a positive leader? I highly recommend reading the 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell.

It’s hard to always be a leader in an industry that has high burnout and fields constant challenges to provide care. But the new year is the best time to take a pulse on your company’s culture and ask yourself the simple question, am I seen as a supportive leader? What can I be doing better? Take the time to perhaps do a survey, do a team build, send thank you cards. Options are endless.

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