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Human Resources & Billing

A strong HR department is truly one of the primary pillars of a successful organization. In an industry already struggling to be competitive in the hiring marketplace, having a strong company culture, benefits, and reliable change management and billing practices amongst other employee programs is essential. and other employee programs is essential. I will work with you to build out these key elements with a goal of improving organization morale and fostering strong employee retention.

Focus Areas:

  • Improve employee onboarding practices, including paperwork, documentation, training, etc.

  • Audit recordkeeping system and make recommendations for system improvements

  • Make recommendations for hiring efforts, including improvements to job postings and recommended job boards

  • Recommend efforts to improve company culture

  • Evaluate and improve change management practices

  • Evaluate billing and payroll systems and make recommendations for improvements and/or new systems

  • Implement training protocol, including onboarding training, program training, and more


Let's Work Together

I look forward to exploring how I can help your organization reach its full potential! Contact me to get started today!

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